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Sustainable Manufacturing in Key Areas

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

In the past two years post COVID-19, many clothing companies have experienced a hike in transportation cost and instability of supply chain.

US clothing designers are increasingly benefiting from on-shore and local productions.

Besides New York and Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort-Worth is the 3rd largest hub offering options of sourcing, design to product development services.

Our company is one of the best solution providers amongst other manufacturers in sustainability on the following three (3) areas:

1) Technology based 2D/3D development reduces the need for more than two (2) samples. Knowledge of a wide range of product types offers peace of mind to our design clients.

2) We help source the right materials to avoid production problems BEFORE product development. Most designers lost money in using the wrong kind of materials to start with in the beginning of their collections.

Try our proprietary business process, you will find yourself saving in the area of mistakes.

3) Accessibility to local teams and suppliers reduce travel time and extra development costs. We handle the whole process so there is no need to run around from locations to locations working with different vendors.

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