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Where to start with product development?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Sourcing, material testing, samples.

Fashion designers start with sourcing materials before going further.

Tip #1 - Find a full service manufacturer

Yes, you can outsource any part of the process using decentralized freelancers. My experience in development tells me, the more integrated the steps, the less chances of miscommunications. After all, mistakes are costly.

Technical packages (aka "tech pack" in short) are the blue prints for each style from conceptualization, revisions to productions. Your "tech packs" should be developed alongside your production team to avoid rework on tech packs in later stage.

Hire a full service solution provider like us offers the scalable operation that you will need to grow. A proven process is something you, the entrepreneur, should invest in the initial set up of each collection.

Productions guarantee inventory, you need clothes to sell clothes.

Tip #2 - Seek advice on textiles to avoid rework

Many of our clients unknowingly purchased the textile materials from sources that cause poor production quality from fit to construction. We offer guidance through each phase, we don't want you to rework the designs at pre-production stage.

"Clothes are not going to change world. The women who wear them will." – Anne Klein, Fashion Designer

Tip #3 - Hold off on development before sourcing is solidified

The only way you can reach the finish line is to KNOW WHERE IS THE FINISH LINE! You can get the samples done any time but reworking them in their production fabrics cost more money in the long term. We don't start your patterns until all materials have been identified for production.

The goal of product development is to create the right garment fit and constructions for your merchandise.

Don't just sketch, we are here to help, see Tip#3 up here.

Thank you for stopping by, I am glad you did ... until next post of tips and hilarious fashion business funnies, keep dreaming!

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